About me: My name is Diogo Aurélio, and I currently work as a Cloud & Big Data Engineer part of the GoSmarten group in Berlin, Germany.

This tech blog aims to be a collection of “stories from behind the trenches”. That is, I write about concepts and hacks that were useful during my professional career, which, as you might expect, range anywhere  within development and production of data pipelines.

To name more concretely, I tend to focus on tech implementations for big data ingestion, ETLs, analysis; scalable and distributed systems/architectures, machine learning, devOps, and AI powered Applications.

In case you need help to kickstart or with a current data project, feel free to contact me directly at:

  • daurelio<at> berlinsmartdata <dot> de
  • or reach me via linkedIn.

Hope you find it interesting and useful. Happy hacks!


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