VMware NSX

Its VMworld show time, which means awesome stuff being announced. VMware’s Overlay Network and SDN Sagas are clearly just starting, and so VMware announced today its Network Virtualization Solution: NSX.

I haven’t been able to grasp any VMware own technical material yet, however from what I could until so far understand we are talking about the first true signs of a Nicira’s integration/incorporation into current Vmware Networking Portfolio. VMware’s Overlay Networking technology – VXLAN –  has been integrated with Nicira’s NVP platform. However, this is not mandatory, so you do get 2 additional flavors of encapsulation to choose among VXLAN: GRE and STT.

As it can be seen from NSX datasheet, key features are similar to Nicira’s NVP plataform:

• Logical Switching – Reproduce the complete L2 and L3
switching functionality in a virtual environment, decoupled
from underlying hardware
• NSX Gateway – L2 gateway for seamless connection to
physical workloads and legacy VLANs
• Logical Routing – Routing between logical switches,
providing dynamic routing within different virtual networks.
• Logical Firewall – Distributed firewall, kernel enabled line
rate performance, virtualization and identity aware, with
activity monitoring
• Logical Load Balancer – Full featured load balancer with
SSL termination.
• Logical VPN – Site-to-Site & Remote Access VPN in software
• NSX API – RESTful API for integration into any cloud
management platform”

Ivan Pepelnjak gives very interesting preview-insight on what’s under the hood. Though new, integration with Networking partners is also being leveraged. Examples are: Arista,  Brocade, Cumulus, Dell, and Juniper on the pure Networking side, and Palo Alto Networks on the security side.

Exciting time for the Networking community!

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