I found this Packet-Pusher’s Podcast from last week about Avaya’s Software Defined Datacenter & Fabric Connect with Paul Unbehagen really interesting. He points out some of the differences in VMware’s Overlay Network VXLAN approach against Physical Routing Switches Overlay Network’s SPB approach (which naturally Avaya is using). Some of these were different encapsulation methods – where with VXLAN the number of headers is quite more numerous – ability to support Multicasting environments (such as PIM), and most importantly, raises the central question: where do you want to control your routing and switching – the Virtual Layer or the Physical Layer. Even though I’m theoretically favorable to Virtual, arguments to keep some functions on the Physical layer still do make a lot of sense in a lot of scenarios.

The Podcast also features a lot of interesting Avaya Automation related features result of a healthy promiscuous relationship between VMware and OpenStack. Also if you want to get in more detail about SPB, Paul Unbehagen covers lots of tech details in his blog.

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